It is our greatest pleasure to bring our MEDFUN plan to you. Designed with you, the farmer in mind, the plan brings you medical aid with funeral cover. The plan provides social and financial risk protection to farmers against unexpected catastrophic healthcare and funeral expenditure, which if not protected against may force you to dispose of your family assets plunging you into debt.

Medical Aid Cover

Gain access to a wide network of providers who accept our card to help you in cases of medical emergencies.

Funeral Cover

Get funeral cover for your loved ones

Funeral Bus

Optionally add a funeral bus onto your plan


The Society collects contributions monthly or annually, puts then in a pool and purchases access to medical treatment and burial services for your benefit. Visit the MEDFUN Macro and MEDFUN Micro pages for more details on the current contribution rates

Packages and Benefits

Under the MedFun Micro category, there is the Murimi-Umlimi package offering flat rate cover for you and your family. We further offer five different packages under the macro category.

How to become a member

Membership is gained through an application process where you complete an application form. Visit the Downloads page to find the application form for your social and financial protection.



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