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We Have A Rich History

Founded in 2007, the Agricultural Medical Aid Society was formally known as Grain Marketing Board Medical Aid Society. The rebranding positioned the healthcare fund as a special fund for all people in Agriculture, providing medical aid cover to Farmers, Agroprocessors and Agro specialist firms. The Agricultural Medical Aid Society is fully registered and licensed by The Secretary for Health and Child Care in Zimbabwe under Statutory Instrument; 330 of 2000 Medical Services Regulations (Medical Aid Societies) Chapter 15.13.

Meet our Statutory Officers

The Board of Trustess

The Board of Trustess

In compliance with the Statutory Instrument 330 of 2000 Medical Services Regulations (Medical Aid Societies) Chapter 15.13, a Medical Aid Society shall have a board of trustees who are the statutory officers of the society with a role to oversee the management of the society and report audited financial returns to The Secretary for Health and Child Care annually. The board of trustees is required to hold an annual general meeting to report on the medical aid society's audited income, expenditure and overall position of the Society
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Our Vision

To be the first choice provider of medical aid cover for the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe.

Our Mission

To promote wellness in the agricultural sector.

Our Values

Teamwork | Excellence | Accessibility | Confidentiality | Honesty

Core Business

To fund medical expenses of our members arising from ill health and injuries

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Why AGRIMED is important to the agricultural sector

As the economy goes through the various stages of economic transformation, the nation needs to invest in the education and health of agricultural people. Primary health care provision for rural people is vital for economic progress for two reasons. First, is the objective to have healthier people in the farming community, so as to maintain and improve their production capacity thereby contributing more to the national Gross Domestic Product. Secondly, the cost to families, relatives and employers is lower when rural inhabitants provide social security to families than when the fewer urban workers have to carry the burden of supporting rural family members.

Having healthier people in the farming communities maintains and improves their productive capacity thereby contributing more to the national Gross Domestic Product. A healthy farmer is highly productive

J. Dhlakama, Managing Director


Many farmers rely on our service

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Excellent Partner for farmers

I joined AGRIMED in 2007 and I am happy that I am growing with my medical aid society. I appreciate the whole Agricultural Medical Aid Society team because they are very forthcoming and supportive. I urge my fellow colleagues and farmers (murimi wanhasi) to join AGRIMED as they have very affordable packages. The Society is touching people’s lives in so many ways with the medical aid assistance they provide and I am glad to be associated with AGRIMED.

AGRIMED, thank you for the good service and continue to assist your members.

Mrs. Sherekete

Great at giving support and assistance

My name is Madeline T. Nyere, 37 years old, Personal Assistant to the Operations Director at Grain Marketing Board.  I have had the pleasure of getting medical assistance from AGRIMED since 2010

AGRIMED has consistently given me the support and assistance I require. The team is extremely easy and friendly to work with, they provide a couple of ideas especially if you are not certain or sure of which hospital to register to or get assistance from. As for me, I registered with the hospital of my choice during the births of my 3 children. They made sure all the bills were up to date which gave me peace of mind during my admission to the maternal hospital. For every phone call I made, they would assure me that I get the help I needed and all my claims were paid up within the shortest period of time.

Again I want to thank the team for being consistent and always keeping us updated with their AGRIMED Member Communique.

Madeline T. Nyere

Personal Assistant to Operations Director, Grain Marketing Board


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